Soap Bubbles  - this Exploratorium site looks at the shapes and colors of bubbles and explores what happens when two bubbles meet!


SDA Kid's Corner - Bubbles  - includes bubble recipes, riddles, odes, sculpture, and much more!


Bubble Town  - become a bubble blowing expert! Find out how to mix bubble juice, blow giant bubbles, construct a bubble tube, play online bubble games, and more.


Bubble Geometry  - experiment with the shape of bubbles and try making your own bubble prints, from the Science Museum of Minnesota.


Ask a Bubble Expert  - everything you ever wanted to know about the science behind bubbles.


Bubblesphere  - check out the adventures of Professor Bubble and find history, games, solutions, tools, and more all about bubbles!


Pud's Clubhouse  - pop into the official Dubble Bubble site and take a factory tour, learn gum facts and history, or try out some fun games and cool cartoons.


Antibubbles  - learn about the bubble's other side!


Floating Soap Bubbles This experiment allows students to examine the properties of soap bubbles closely, by floating them on a layer of carbon dioxide.


Balloon Blow-Up Students discover that not all bubbles are made from soap.


Bubblarium Instructions on how to make an observatory to examine colours in bubbles.


Bubble Bomb An experiment in which children, under adult supervision use baking soda and vinegar to pop a plastic bag. In addition to the instructions for the experiment, the site also contains a brief explanation of the underlying science as well as a number of variations that students can explore.


Bubble Suspension Experiments with bubbles floating over a bed of carbon dioxide.


Bubble Tray Create giant bubbles using this activity.


Soap Bubbles Students create geometric art with bubbles.


Soap Bubbles A single page with bubble formulae and experiments.


Archived: Bubbles A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n. Who doesn't enjoy blowing bubbles? You can make bubbles at home, and they can be beautiful shapes and colors! What you'll need. 8 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. 1 quart water. 1 drinking straw

Bubbles ... The Topic: Bubbles. Easier - Bubbles are round pockets of air or other gases in liquid (such as boiling ... or solid materials (plastic, glass).

Bubble Town, soap bubble fun and magic - Home page How to make giant bubbles, construct a bubble tube, mix a super bubble blowing solution and play bubble games. ... Blow huge bubbles, long lasting bubbles. All you need to become a bubble blowing expert is here in

Garden Bubble Cam Activate a bubble machine in a south Florida garden and watch the results via webcam.

POPSCI EXCLUSIVE The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles - Popular Science Enter e-mail address to receive popsci weekly updates to your inbox. community. powered. include web results. John B. Carnett. POPSCI EXCLUSIVE. The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

Bubbles - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling ... While many people make bubbles out of any old detergent and water, you can get the biggest, longest lasting bubbles if you use liquid detergent

Bubble History Bubble history, Bubbles, bubble blowing, bubble solutions, bubble history, bubble fun, bubble games, bubble machines and bubble trivia are found on this website

Antibubbles II - Same name, different site!


Bubbles Inside Bubbles Inside Bubbles - Science discovery activity.


Bubbles in Space????? - Read this interesting article!


Bubble Mania - Searching for an assembly that combines science and entertainment? You will find it here! Don't miss the Photo Gallery here!


Bubbles of Fun - From Sesame Workshop.


Bubble Stationery and Homemade Envelopes - Craft.


Math from Soap Bubbles - Discovery project.


Using Bubbles to Explore Membranes - Middle/high school activity.


Which Makes Better Bubbles? - Skim milk or whole milk? Find out here!


Bubbles: Soap This Exploratorium resource focuses on soap bubbles. There is a discussion of the physical makeup of soap molecules along with the characteristics of soap bubbles that allow them to hold their shape so much longer than water bubbles.