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Rocks and Minerals - Quiz


Rocks and Minerals Dictionary


Bob's Rock Shop - The Internet's first 'zine for rockhounds!

Collecting Rocks - Interesting article on rock collecting.


Erosion of Weathered Materials

Fast Facts about Rocks and Fossils - Click on the questions in the left sidebar to see the answers.



Hardness of Rocks and Minerals

How Rocks are Formed - Don't miss this page.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - A geology project by students at Pattie Elementary School in Virginia. Cool!

Mineral Matters - Learn how to identify minerals and start your collection.


Minerals and Rocks - Don't miss any of the links for additional information.

Minerals by Name - Click on a letter of the alphabet from the list, and the minerals will be listed that begin with that letter.   Check out all the links.

Mining Resources by State - Ever wonder what each state mines?



More on Quartz

The Rock Cycle  -  Great diagram with information.

The Rock Cycle Song - Cool!

Rocks, Gem, and Minerals - Nice site from on the rock or mineral you want to learn about!

Rock Hounds - Teachers, don't miss this awesome resource - great for you and for your students!

Rocks and Minerals - Web site by a fourth grade teacher. Lot of good resources here on these pages.

Rocks and Minerals - Hotlist of sites,

Rock Formation at Joshua Tree

Rocks and Minerals Slide Show - This slide show has samples of all types of rocks and minerals with labels.  Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger version.

Rocks, Minerals, and Mining - Theme page.

The Soil That We Classify



Welcome to Our Earth - Web site created by elementary students on Geology.

Wonderful World of Minerals - ThinkQuest

Rocks and Minerals Detectives - WebQuest 

Rocks - This is a self-directed online lesson.  This has some valuable information on rocks........Great!!!!

Minerals - Self-directed online lesson.  This site has some valuable information on minerals.....A must-see!!

Ask a Geologist

Mystery of the Floating Rock - Help solve this mystery online.

Rock and Minerals Word Search - Complete online.

Geology Quiz

Igneous Rocks - Self-directed online lesson.  Awesome information...Don't miss it!!

Sedimentary Rocks - Self-directed online lesson.  Great information on this site.

Metamorphic Rocks - Self-directed online lesson.  Don't miss this one either!!

Minerals  - includes ways to identify minerals along with other information.

Streaming Video

Geologist's Notebook: Three Rocks This show looks at three stones - a piece of igneous, a piece of sedimentary, and a piece of metamorphic rock - and investigates how they formed, and how they relate to one another through the rock cycle. The show begins billions of years in the past when Earth was a burning-hot gooey ball of melted minerals and metals called magma, and explains how a crust of rock cooled on the surface. The show then follows the process of weathering (mechanical, chemical, and biological), and explains how heat and pressure can metamorphose rock into yet another form. A touch of light-heartedness helps animate what otherwise is a heavy subject.
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Rocks: The Solid Earth Materials #1 With the help of a Rock Wizard and a little imagination, students discover that the Earth is made up of rocks, and rocks are made of minerals. Discover the three ways rocks are formed and many of the properties of rocks and minerals—like size, shape, color, and texture.

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Rocks: The Solid Earth Materials #2 Travel deep inside the Earth to discover how rocks and minerals are formed, to learn about the three types of rock, and to understand how rocks change over time through weathering and erosion. See the entire rock cycle and learn how geologists determine the properties of rocks. Learn about the structure and composition of minerals.

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Uses of Rocks and Minerals The rocks and minerals that form within the Earth are used to make many important materials. Witness how rocks are mined, processed, and then constructed into glass, cement, bricks, houses, roads, and other objects used in our everyday lives.

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Rocks and Minerals: The Hard Facts Students travel with a geologist and explore what the earth is made of. The geologist performs simple tests identifying minerals, which make up most rocks, including quartz and crystals. Students are shown how rocks are formed as well as their properties and characteristics. Included are: igneous rock formation, lava, sedimentary rock, fossil in rock and metamorphic rock. The earth's crust and mantle are in a constant cycle of movement and change. These processes can change one kind of rock into another.

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Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls, The  To celebrate the founding of Walkerville, Ms. Frizzle’s class sculpts a stone likeness of its founding father, Captain Walker. As they add the finishing touches, the statue tumbles down the mountain. Ms. Frizzle turns the Bus into a huge boulder and the kids into rocks while bumping down the mountain in a desperate attempt to save the statue.


Geologist's Notebook: What Exactly Are Minerals? Minerals are everywhere in our lives - underfoot, in our home, in our jewelry, and even in our bones. Still, students may have only a vague idea of what a mineral is. This show explains in depth, the chemical structure of minerals, and looks at properties geologists use to identify them, such as hardness, luster, cleavage, and crystal form. The show also explains the relationship between minerals and rocks, how we obtain minerals of value to us, and how minerals grow into crystals. From quartz to gold, graphite to calcite, table salt to diamonds, the vital, varied world of minerals is brought to the young viewers' attention in a way they can understand.

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Teacher Resources


Rock Cycle - Probably better for a teacher resource than for a student.

Minerals Information Institute Mineral Information Institute provides K-12 teachers with free geological, mineralogical, earth science, lesson plans & classroom materials about the Earth's ecology and natural resources.

Minerals, Magmas, and Volcanic Rocks - Activities and teaching suggestions.

Rock Hounds - Online lesson

Fossils and Rocks - Core unit plan for grade four.

Growing Crystals -  Students can do this simple activity to grow and examine crystals using salt and water.

Geology Crossword Puzzle - Print out and try to solve!

Petrified Paper - Directions for making your own petrified paper.

Rock Crafts

Sedimentary Rock Snacks - Rocks have never tasted so good!!  

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed? In this Xpeditions lesson, students learn about how the Grand Canyon was formed, focusing on how the process of erosion enabled its rock layers to be deposited.


High Pressure In this Science Update from Science NetLinks, you'll hear about a lab designed to simulate what happens to rocks deep underground, in an effort to understand the composition of the interior of Earth.


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