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Mexico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the country in North America. Mexican(s) redirects here.

CIA - The World Factbook -- Mexico  Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

Mexico: History, Geography, Government, and Culture — Information on Mexico — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities,

Mexico for Kids Official site from Mexican government to learn about the land, people, and culture of Mexico. Includes history, government, news, and games.

Mexico - An Introduction Regional information about Mexico including history and culture, accommodations, activities, points of interest, and transportation.

Mexico facts, Mexico travel videos, flags, photos - National ... Mexico facts, information and history, travel videos, flags, photos from National Geographic.

Mexico for Kids Mexico for Kids. We have been working very hard at school learning to speak Spanish with our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Reardon.

Kids Konnect - Mexico KidsKonnect has kids homework and educational help - a safe Internet gateway for kids created & maintained by educators.

Time for Kids Mexico

Mexico elementary talking e-book

Cinco de Mayo

Holiday: Cinco de Mayo

A Kids Life in Mexico Mexico Olah (hello)! My name is Carmen. I live in Mexico and speak Spanish. My country is located south of the United States.

Aztecs, The  - provides explanations of the Aztecan culture, religion, and way of life. Includes stories, quizzes, and writing activities about the Aztecs. Also in Spanish.

Mexica: Aztecs  - description of the history, religion, economy, society, and writings of this culture that dominated the Valley of Mexico in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

Quetzalcoatl: The Man, The Myth, The Legend  - did the legend of Quetzalcoatl originate with the Oltecs, Aztecs, Mayans or another Mesoamerican culture? Read about this ancient Mesoamerican god and the various cultures that worshipped him

The Aztecs  - read an interesting summary of this ancient civilization

Hernando Cortes and the Conquest of the Aztec Empire  - brief biography of Cortes and a detailed description of his conquest of the Aztecs

Aztec Myths - learn about their beliefs related to the Earth, rain, Moon, Sun, Venus, and the Pleiades

Mexico - A Country Study
Find a wealth of information about Mexico in this online version of a handbook published by the Library of Congress.

Conquistadors - Mexico  This web page, provided by PBS and historian Michael Wood, describes the structure of the Aztec Empire and how it responded to contact with the first European invaders.

Aztec Education and Moral Values  This web page, provided by Mexico For Kids, describes the type of schooling and outlook on life that was characteristic in the ancient Aztec civilization.

Aztec Mythology  This page, from Encyclopedia Mythica, offers the mythology of the Aztec of ancient Mexico, a people who, through military alliances with other groups, dominated central and southern Mexico from the 14th to the 16th century.

Yucatán's Mysterious Hill Cities  This National Geographic Magazine feature focuses on some of Mexico's ancient Maya ruins. There is an excerpt from an article about ruins in the Puuc area, along with links to photos, a map, and more.

The Maya  This website, from Annenberg/CPB, features information about the ancient Maya of Central and South America.

Monuments & Civilizations  Users can test their knowledge of ancient monuments and civilizations from around the world with this interactive quiz from National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Nine questions are presented, and immediate feedback is provided.

Looted Treasures  This feature tells the story of looted treasures that were returned. Maya expert


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Children of Other Lands: Andres Orosco of Mexico Eight-year-old Andres Orozco of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, spends his weekdays attending school, playing soccer and espiro with friends, and participating in other activities enjoyed by Mexican children. On weekends, his family travels to the ranch where his father works. Andres does chores on the ranch, but there's still time to ride horses and pursue other recreational activities. As viewers watch, they will see how a child lives in two worlds in an economically emerging country such as Mexico - one modern, one traditional. Andres' hometown, dramatically set in a valley surrounded by the mountains of central Mexico, is both a modern industrial city and a picturesque reminder of old colonial Mexico.

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There's No Food Like My Food: Rosita in Mexico Eleven-year-old Rosita lives in Mexico. It will soon be Shrove Tuesday, and she is thrilled at the thought of all the lovely food they are going to be eating. For the first time ever, her mother takes her to Guadalajara market, where they will find everything for their feast, including fruits, vegetables, and meat. Rosita is will learn how to make molé for Shrove Tuesday. This national Mexican dish consists of chocolate-flavored turkey. Everything is ready. The family is gathered together around the table, listening to Gilberto’s guitar and enjoying their molé.


Holiday Facts and Fun: Cinco de Mayo At a special assembly, performers from San Antonio's famed Guadalupe Cultural Center present a pageant that explains the historical significance of Cinco de Mayo. Animated maps and historical pictures are used in the presentation to help students better understand the holiday's historical roots. Later, youngsters visit a lively, colorful mercado (market) set up in the school's gymnasium. The program ends at the Baldares home, where one Mexican-American family, proud of its ethnic heritage, celebrates the holiday with games (piñata and cascarones), stories about life in Mexico, a huge Mexican feast, and dancing.

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Mexico:  Our Neighbor to the South


Ancient Americans:  The Mayas and Aztecs


Teacher Resources

A Close Look at Mexico -

Ojo de Dios -

Mr. Donn’s Activities



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Ancient China - History for Kids! Ancient China for Kids - history of ancient China, food, clothing, religion, philosophy and more - all about Ancient China for Children.

Time for Kids | classroom | Around The World | China Welcome to China, a nation that one-fifth of the world's population calls home!

Ancient China for Kids - Main Index Free Interactive Games for Kids for Ancient China · Free Presentations in PowerPoint format for Ancient China

Kids Konnect - China KidsKonnect has kids homework and educational help - a safe Internet gateway for kids created & maintained by educators.

Panda - National Treasure  Facts and pictures of panda

Chinese New Year Resources  Activities, lesson plans, worksheets, coloring, songs

View zone : 11 questions and answers about China for kids  Pictures accompany info

A is for love  Click on an alphabet and it will show you a flash card of a word in Chinese. You can hear the word being Chinese New Year (great recipe for the kids to help with, though not quite as fancy as the real moon ... native to China's rainforests. General China Crafts. Marco Polo's Route to China and Back This interactive map, from an EDSITEment lesson, traces Marco Polo's route to China and back.



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Pendemonium: The Great China Chase Students learn about adjectives, as well as China's geography, history, ancient traditions, philosophy, and writing characters when they follow the fast-paced adventures of a "pentastic" foursome. Seemingly ordinary writing implements named Florentina, Arturo, Buzz, and Penny come to life and try to stop a smelly Dark Marker from taking over the world by solving clues based on good grammar.

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China: People and Places From the sprawling, opulent palace of China's emperors to its modern gymnasiums and pools, students learn about the culture and history of China in this three-segment program. Write Chinese—Teaches the intricacies of this 50,000-character alphabet. Forbidden CityExplores one of the world’s most extravagant palaces. Young Athletes—Athletes train almost from infancy to bring honor to their families and nation.

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Elementary Video Adventures: Stories from China: Land and Animals

Follow the Yellow River, which extends 300 miles and where the fear of flooding is ever present. Examine the difficult and challenging existence Tibetans face living among the world's highest mountains. Then travel to China for a look at golden monkeys and the sacred Huang Mountains.

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The Yellow River (08:30)

Huang He: From the Himalayas to the Gulf of Bo Hai (01:42)

Local People Navigate the Dangerous River Through the Loess Plateau (02:24)

China's Sorrow: Preparing for the Destructive Flooding of the Huang He (02:47)

Taming the Dragon: Harnessing the River's Water Power (01:35)

Walking Toward Winter Pastures (07:15)

Nomadic Herdsmen Raise Sheep and Yak (02:38)

Preparing for the Long Months of Winter Pasture (04:34)

The Golden Monkey (05:00)

Precious Monkeys: Well Adapted to High Forests of Central China (02:01)

Deforestation Makes Monkeys an Endangered Species (01:52)



Elementary Video Adventures: Stories from China: Land and People Explore the Yangtze River before it was dammed. Learn the five key principles behind the art form of Chinese writing. Take a pedicab to tour the streets of China's. Observe a professional kitemaker create a special Chinese kite. Learn how nomadic Tibetan tribesman live along the mouth of the Yellow River.

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Natives Hidden Treasures: Sightseeing, Song, and Dance (02:34)

Saving Ancient Relics: Race Against Time (02:24)

Write Chinese (05:35)

Picture Based Language of Over 5,000 Characters (02:35)

Five Principles of Chinese Calligraphy (01:39)

Chinese Chops: Earliest Form of Printing: (01:20)

Dragon Backbone (05:24)

Primary School Life in Remote China (02:58)

Peasants Struggle for Educational Opportunity (02:24)

Pedicabs (02:46)

The Yellow River (07:53)

The Kite Maker (04:05)


China: Fun and Firecrackers: Brush Painting This program introduces us to a young Chinese schoolboy, Won Yun, who lives with his parents in Beijing. Won Yun prepares his own ink so that he can practice the ancient art of calligraphy and make a banner at school. His banner is chosen to hang above the local policeman’s house.


China: Fun and Firecrackers: Eat, Play, Boys, Girls A Chinese family in a city celebrates Chinese New Year. Everyone helps to prepare the feast, and there are fireworks, and gifts for the children.


China: Fun and Firecrackers: Kung Fu Kids Children in a Chinese village practice the ancient discipline of martial arts, preparing for a local competition for the Spring Festival in February. Daily village life is also shown.


China: Fun and Firecrackers: Magic Lantern Chinese children learn to make lanterns for the annual Spring Festival.

Lollipop Dragon Goes Continental: East Asia  Listen as Lollipop Dragon reminisces about a trip he once took to east Asia.


Teacher Resources

Map of China from Xpeditions Atlas This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of China.

On the Road with Marco Polo: Marco Polo in China This lesson, one of a multi-part unit from EDSITEment, focuses on the geography, history, and culture of the Mongol Empire ruled by Kublai Kahn.

Marco Polo Takes a Trip In this lesson, from EDSITEment, students learn about the travels of Venetian adventurer Marco Polo.



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Kids Web Japan Introduces the country, its people, culture, history and language.

Time for Kids | Homework Helper | Around The World | Japan Japan ... Welcome to Japan, a chain of four major islands and 4000 smaller ones in eastern Asia.

Japanese Children's Songs - Japan - Mama Lisa's World: Children's ... HERE ARE SOME KIDS SONGS FROM JAPAN.

A Kid's Life In Japan Japanese kids also like to eat a hanbaga and a kora (hamburger and cola). There are many McDonald's restaurants in Japan.

Tanabata - Calendar 07 - Explore Japan - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan It was transmitted to Japan during the feudal period and combined with traditional local customs to become an official event at the Imperial court.

Japan for 6 to 10 Year Old Children - Japanese Houses, Japanese ... This site is for children ages 6 to 10.


Teacher Resources

Japan Coloring Pages free printable templates for japan coloring book pages.

Oceans: A Fact Haiku  The sound and movement of ocean waves may be called poetry in motion. This lesson uses the ocean to teach students about a form of Japanese poetry. After learning about haiku, and hearing haiku, students listen to the ocean to inspire them in writing their own haiku.

You Too Can HaikuPart of the Featured Spotlight Students will write their own haiku, which they will publish on a Japanese-style scroll.

Map of Japan from Xpeditions Atlas This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of Japan.


Streaming Video

There's No Food Like My Food: Shuntsuke in Japan Ten-year-old Shuntsuke lives in the Japanese city of Kyoto. Breakfast is a meal in itself, with broth, rice, fish, and, above all, dried seaweed, a proper treat for Shuntsuke’s little sister. Today is market day. The market is an amazing place - it sells everything, and you can taste as many foods as you like. Taking courage into his own hands, Shuntsuke has tried some jellyfish pieces: he’s not ready to start again! There is a lot of shopping to do because Shuntsuke’s mother has decided to invite his little cousins to a Chirashi Sushi, a family meal containing rice, vegetables, and fish. The food is prepared, some decorations have been put up, and the cousins have arrived. Everyone goes and sits on the floor round the table. They take up their chopsticks and enjoy their traditional dish.


Japanese Fish Market Fish and other seafood are central to the diets of people in Japan. As a nation of islands, they have developed their national cuisine around food from the sea. In Japan, people eat a wide variety of seafood and this appetite is most apparent at the Japanese fish market. Since Japan is surrounded by oceans the market always has different kinds of fresh seafood available for sale. At the fish market, buyers bid on different types of seafood, competing with each other to get the best price. One well-known dish from Japan is raw, or uncooked, fish called sushi.

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Time for Kids | Homework Helper | Around The World | Brazil Brazil ... Welcome to Brazil, South America's largest nation. Its natural beauty and unique culture attract more than 5 million foreign visitors each year.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus - City Profiles: Rio de Janeiro ... United Nations Cyberschoolbus - City Profiles: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Teacher Resources

Map of Brazil from Xpeditions Atlas This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of Brazil.

Choro Read about and hear examples of Brazil's choro music in this National Geographic resource.

Brazil This National Geographic resource focuses on the musical traditions of Brazil.



Swedish Children's Songs - Sweden - Mama Lisa's World: Children's ... HERE ARE SOME KIDS SONGS FROM SWEDEN. Swedish.

Kids Konnect - Sweden KidsKonnect has kids homework and educational help - a safe Internet gateway for kids created & maintained by educators.

Viking Voyages In this National Geographic Explorer Magazine article, written for students in grades K-2, read about Viking raids and Viking culture.


Streaming Video

We Are From…: Sweden  This program introduces children from different parts of the country. Hannah and Caroline, both 13, live in Goteborg, a city on the West coast; they sing and dance in the singing group Bubbles. Alexander and Henrietta are both scouts who live in Sodertalje, on the east coast of Sweden.


Scandinavia: Its Water, Its History, and Its People The Scandinavian countries are united by many things: their languages, their love of nature, their democracy, and their shared values. The countries of Scandinavia have been shaped by their dependence on the water which surrounds them, their unique history (both ancient and modern), and their rich cultural traditions. This program examines the many facets of Scandinavia, incorporating beautiful photography and a native musical score.

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Teacher Resources

Map of Sweden from Xpeditions Atlas This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of Sweden.


United Kingdom


Kids Online The United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain includes: England, Scotland, and Wales.

United Kingdom—Northern Ireland — The World Almanac for Kids When Ireland became a dominion, 1921, and later a republic, Northern Ireland chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom Country Facts, Information, Photos, Videos ... Read about United Kingdom and get information, facts, photos, videos, and more

BritainUSA - 4 Kids Official UK Government site for US kids to learn about Britain. Includes school stuff, history and geography, sports, things to do, picture gallery and quiz.

Conkers and Ghosts Explore traditions, myths, and superstitions including a folklore calendar and seasonal holiday customs. From British online magazine Kids Ark.

FactMonster: United Kingdom Very basic information on the land, its people, history and government.



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PBS: AFRICA - Africa for Kids A site for kids based on the AFRICA series, with African tales, music, masks and African students' photo albums.

PBS Kids' Africa I was born in Africa a long, long, very long time ago. People have been telling stories about ... So let's explore Africa together!

Africa Kids Page: Games, Books, Knowledge, Fun Games played in Africa: Certainly many Africa kids spend a lot more time working as part of their family and looking after siblings

Africa for Kids - Index of Topics Home Africa for Teachers Africa for Kids African Fables ... Free Interactive Africa Games & Activities (online) · Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

AFRO-Americ@: Kids Zone

Africa for Kids - Why Anansi Has Eight Thin Legs (Anansi Tale) Kids Africa - My name is Anansi. Spider Myths (outstanding site!)

Africa Map Match Game - Geography Games For Kids - By Geography For Kids - Geography. Geography For Children. Geography is fun ... Africa Map Match Game.

National Geographic Kids Magazine:—Kids Africa Trivia Quiz Kids: Test your smarts with National Geographic World magazine’s trivia quiz about Africa.


Teacher Resources

DLTK's African Crafts for Kids DLTK's Crafts for Kids African Activities for Children


Streaming Video

Africa: People and Places Bisected by the equator, nurtured by the Nile, the continent of Africa unfolds. Africa's Geography — Mountains, deserts, jungles, beaches — see Africa's rich geological diversity. Flight over the Equator — Learn the traditional ways of two equatorial countries. People of the Nile — From Burundi to the Mediterranean, meet the people of the Nile River. Making a Film in the Serengeti — Cinematographer Hugo van Lawick tracks a leopard cub from birth to adulthood.

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Africa's Child: My Rain Forest: Cameroon The program focuses on Felix, a child of the rain forest who lives in a small village called Bwambo on the forested slopes of Mount Cameroon, the second highest mountain in Africa. He lives with his parents, his brother Francis and his grandmother. The whole culture of Felix’s village is still founded on the forest and its animals.


Elementary Video Adventures: Stories from Africa  Tour the diverse geography of Africa, and observe a team of filmmakers creating a motion picture about leopards. Meet the African elephant, the world's largest land animal and an endangered species. And travel to the equator for a look at how people live along this imagery line.

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Africa: North Sahara to the Equatorial Rainforest Regions

Africa: The Great Rift Valley, Kalahari Desert, and a Continent of 52 Nations

Making a Film in the Serengeti

Shooting Film and Recording Sound in the Serengeti

Secrets to Filming Animals and Life at Lake Ndutu Base Camp

Making the Rough Cut: Editor Mark Fletcher Collaborates with Hugo Van Lawick

The Movie's Soundtrack and Narration Accentuate the Beautiful Serengeti

Unique Characteristics of Sub-Sahara African Elephants: Worlds Largest Land Animal

Elephant Trunks and Ivory Tusks

Social Female Elephants and Towering Males are Vociferous Eaters

Slow Moving Herds Migrate to Food and Water, and Birth of a New Born

Human Sprawl and Ivory Poachers Endanger Elephants, and Saving the Species

Kenya's Samburu Tribe: Nomadic Highlanders Herd Cattle in the Cradle of Mankind

Modern Ways Change Samburu Life: Tribe Maintains Traditional Song and Dance Practices

Gabon's Cities Prosper as Rural Villagers Struggle: Fang Warriors Adapt Slowly to Change

Traditional Tribal Culture is Threatened by Change


There's No Food Like My Food: Hlengine in South Africa Twelve-year-old Hlengine lives in the Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa, where the powerful Zulu kingdom reigned 200 years ago. Along with her half-sister, Zamele, she is to prepare a feast for her father’s birthday. He has two wives; in fact, polygamy is still frequent in this ethnic group. Although Nature offers food in abundance, the Zulus have very little money and tend to eat sparingly. They only eat meat on rare occasions, when they hold parties, for example.


Africa's Child: Spice Girl: Tanzania This program features Sophia Suleimon Humudi who is thirteen years old and comes from Zanzibar, an island that is part of Tanzania. She lives with her extended family in a large house which is situated on the edge of their spice farm. The program ends with her taking part in the annual celebrations in Stone Town where she joins in a parade, watches a display of dhows (boats) and eats at the night market on the seafront.


Africa's Child: Dance to the Drum: Ghana This program features Linda Quaye, a thirteen year old, who comes from a relatively well-off middle-class family in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The scenes of her home and school life give a sense of the vitality of Ghanaian culture and what it is like to live in Accra.


Africa's Child: Desert Journey: Niger This program is about Djibrilla, who lives in the harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert in eastern Niger. He is of the nomadic Tuareg people. Learn about his life in the desert and the importance of camels.


Africa's Child: Festival of Fire: Ethiopia This program is about Selamauitt Teferra, who lives in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. See Selamauitt at her church, at school, cooking for the family and shopping in the city. Also learn about Mesquel, an important holiday in Ethiopia.


Africa's Child: Living with Ancestors: Swaziland This episode centres on Simangele, who lives in the hills in the Mbuzine district of Swaziland in a small village with no electricity or running water. Life here moves to the rhythm of traditional village life, and is heavily influenced by the spirits of ancestors. Simangele straddles the traditional and the modern; she takes part in the rituals of healing, yet she goes to school where she learns about the world’s great inventions and wears western clothes.



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Color Me Egypt  - print out and color pictures of a pyramid, the Sphinx, pharaohs, and more!

McClung Museum - Ancient Egypt  - see the museum's collection of both original artifacts and replicas arranged by subject categories such as history, daily life, religion, and writing.

Egypt - A Country Study

History of Egypt  - read about the history of this country from over a million years ago up through this century.

Mysteries of Egypt  - see photos and learn all about ancient Egyptian civilization at this companion site to the National Geographic IMAX movie of the same name.

Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep  - read about this Egytpian Discovery and see actual pictures from the the tomb.

Virtual Egypt: Hieroglyphics  - find out what those ancient scribes knew about using pictures to make words. Find links for several galleries of images and an animated Hiero Translator too!

Ancient Egypt Medicine  - learn about ancient Egyptian medical practices and prescriptions.

Virtual Egypt: Mummies  - read an introduction and watch the Flash movie about how to make a mummy!

At the Tomb of Tutankhamen  - an interactive edition of the National Geographic Magazine from February 1923. Take a virtual tour of the tomb and learn about the IMAX film "Mysteries of Egypt."

Hatshepsut - The Woman Who Was King  - biography of this Egyptian queen from Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt site.

Egyptian Mythology  - includes an article and pages on each of the major gods and goddesses.

Imhotep  - read about this Egyptian poet, architect, and physician-priest.

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy  - think it would be neat to have your body mummified? Discover what it would really be like from this book's fun site.

Smithsonian: Egyptian Mummies  - learn about the process of mummification, who was mummified, and how they study mummies today.

Map of Egypt from Xpeditions Atlas  This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Scroll  This student interactive, from an Xpeditions lesson, has students decipher an ancient Egyptian scroll to figure out which Egyptian cities are referred to in the scroll.

The Ancient Egypt Site  The Ancient Egypt Site is a Web site dedicated to Egyptology and the culture and history of ancient Egypt. Users can learn about over 3,000 years of Egyptian history, monuments and other Egyptian sites, the ancient Egyptian language, and much more.  This resource is the Kids section of the Web site. Users can access online puzzles, games, trivia, and more, all related to ancient Egypt.
Egypt This resource, from ARTSEDGE's African Odyssey Interactive, presents information on the geography, climate, politics, recent history and economy


Streaming Video

Africa's Child: Big City Girl: Egypt This program features Yasmin Afifi, a girl living in Cairo, Egypt, and gives insights into her life in a middle-class Muslim family in Africa’s largest city. It also shows how she and her family prepare for and celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, an important Muslim festival.


Journals Through History: Ancient Egypt: Constructing Civilization Explore the ancient civilization of Egypt through the eyes of Ahtet, a young student whose journals offer a guided tour of his country. Part history, part geography, and part journal-writing, this animated series makes the ancient world relevant to today's students. Introduce students to ancient Egypt through the journals of Ahtet, a young boy who writes about his life and civilization. In this episode, meet Egypt's first pharaohs and Imhotep, the visionary architect of the Great Pyramids. Explore other works by ancient Egypt's master builders, including huge obelisks, and learn how they were created, transported, and raised.

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Journals Through History: Ancient Egypt: Land of Abundance Explore the ancient civilization of Egypt through the eyes of Ahtet, a young student whose journals offer a guided tour of his country. Part history, part geography, and part journal-writing, this animated series makes the ancient world relevant to today's students. Introduce students to ancient Egypt through the journals of Ahtet, a young boy who writes about his life and civilization. In this episode, explore the geography of the Nile and learn about the development of irrigation and agriculture in Egypt. See how papyrus is harvested and made into paper, examine the origin of hieroglyphs, and hear the timeless story of Isis and Osiris.

Teacher's Guide 


Pendemonium: The Ink on the Sphinx Students learn about nouns, as well as the history, language, and culture of ancient Egypt when they follow the fast-paced adventures of a "pentastic" foursome to Egypt after a stopover at Graceland. Seemingly ordinary writing implements named Florentina, Arturo, Buzz, and Penny come to life and try to stop a smelly Dark Marker from taking over the world by solving clues based on good grammar.

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Great Egyptians Gender, age, and cunning were behind three of ancient Egypt's most intriguing rulers — and left indelible marks on the history of the country. Hatshepsut: Queen Who Became King — She declared herself King of Egypt and got away with it. Peek into her incredibly successful 22-year reign. Tutankhamen: Mystery of the Boy King — Victim of foul play? What happened to the 11-year-old king whose life was a clash between childhood and kingship? Cleopatra: Last of the Pharaohs — Discover how Cleopatra used shrewd political instincts to seduce the Roman Empire into restoring Egypt's greatness.

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Teacher Resources

Making a Mummy the Natural Way  This Xpeditions lesson has students examine the relationship between climate and the mummification process in ancient Egypt and other parts of the world.

The Mystery of the Scroll: Ancient Egyptian Culture and Geography  In this Xpeditions lesson, students explore how geographical features, both physical and cultural, of a place can give us insights into the lives of the people who have settled there, with Egypt as the primary example.

Unwrapping Mummies  In this student activity, from Xpeditions, students become famous archaeologists who specialize in ancient mummies. They are asked to study two very different mummies: one from an Egyptian tomb and another from the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of...You!   In this Xpeditions student activity, students design a museum exhibit focusing on their own lives. They explore the 2005-2007 King Tut exhibit titled "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" before designing their own exhibits.

EPS Lesson Pack: Ancient Egypt and King Tut's Tomb  This website, from Educators Publishing Service, features a lesson pack with printable exercises, in PDF format, on ancient Egypt and King Tut's Tomb.
Ancient Egypt: Stories and Myths In this Xpeditions lesson, students examine stories and myths about ancient Egypt through time.
Egypt's Pyramids: Monuments With a Message In this lesson, from EDSITEment, students determine the purpose for the pyramids in ancient Egypt.



Streaming Video


A Kids Life in Russia In fact, Russia is the biggest country in the world. Part of Russia is in Asia and part of it is in Europe.

Russia for Kids! Free crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, maps and more. Kids, have fun exploring the culture of Russia through our puzzles, coloring pages, games and crafts.

Early Russia - History for Kids! People have lived in Russia since at least 500 BC, when some of them were called the Scythians.

Russian Children's Songs - Russia - Mama Lisa's World: Children's ... HERE ARE SOME KIDS SONGS FROM RUSSIA. Russian. English ... Here are excerpts from the latest posts from Russia.

Games Children Play in Russia - LoveToKnow Kids Sep 30, 2007 ... Games Children Play in Russia. From LoveToKnow Kids. Often, the games children play in Russia are depictive of the Russian society
Map of Russia from Xpeditions Atlas This resource, found in the Xpeditions Atlas, is a printable map of Russia.


Streaming Video       

Children of Other Lands: Sasha Litvin of Russia Sasha Litvin attends a special school for the performing arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. The nine-year-old has been chosen to play Petrushka, the lead role in the school's "Fall Festival" program, and so must take an early trolley to rehearsals before class. From early morning rehearsals to the final rousing performance of the "Fall Festival" program, viewers follow Sasha over a four-day period, seeing how he lives in the "Venice of the North." Sasha is seen in school, at home, and at play in Krasnogvardisky, his neighborhood on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. He is seen with his best friend, Dennis, aboard his father's boat. Sasha's father, a tug boat captain, takes the boys on a tour of St. Petersburg from the Neva, the beautiful river that flows through the city. Special care has been taken to portray the typical Russian family lifestyle in the post-Communist era.

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India for Kids Visit the cities of Thrissur, Mysore, Mumbai, and Jaipur as well as the river Ganges.

Ancient India - History for Kids Ancient India for Kids - How did people live in Ancient India? What kind of food did people eat? Find out about Ancient India here.

time for kids india

Learn about India for Kids Interesting Fact: India is thirteen times bigger than the UK ... Quick Fact: More films are made in India ('Bollywood') than in the USA ('Hollywood')!

India for Kids! Free crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, maps and more. Kids, have fun exploring the culture of India through our puzzles, coloring pages, games and crafts.

Kids Konnect - India  KidsKonnect has kids homework and educational help - a safe Internet gateway for kids created & maintained by educators.


Streaming Video

Eureka: The India File: The Struggle for Freedom This program traces the political history of India, from a divided country to a British colony, and ultimately an independent democracy.


There's No Food Like My Food: Renymol In India Twelve-year-old Renymol lives in a region of Kerala, a state in southern India. It is a huge network of canals, or rather artificial rivers that have been built over the years. Renymol often helps her mother in the kitchen. Tonight, there is a party. Renymol goes to fetch some fish from the traveling fisherman then sets to work, to help her aunt prepare it. It’s quite a technique, which entails rolling the fish in ashes and scraping it over stones to remove the scales. It is tradition to wish one’s parents a happy anniversary and friends come to eat with Renymol’s family to celebrate the event. It is also an opportunity for presenting all the dishes they have prepared.


Eureka: The India File: Arts and Crafts This program presents the importance of traditional arts and crafts for Indians in Bombay, focuses on craftspeople as they construct puppets, and on the performance of a puppet show.

















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