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April 2009

TVHS Names Students of the Month!
Congratulations to TVHS senior Amber Paschke and sophomore Zach Soehnlen on being named the April Students of the Month. These outstanding students were nominated and selected by the staff of Tusky Valley High School for their outstanding efforts. Keep up the great work! 

TVMS Names April Students of the Month!
Gabby Blaylock, Reid Palumbo, Erin Weisgarber, Morgan Alsept, Jared Ousley, Shaun Stotzer

TVHS Tackles the "Pay it Forward" Challenge!
On a day when TVHS juniors and seniors were getting ready for Friday night's Prom, the underclassmen tackled a different challenge as TVHS freshmen and sophomores participated in the "Pay it Forward" challenge. Students were bussed to 13 different sites to provide community service. After completing the community service students returned to TVHS for a school cookout and activities. The event was organized by Leadership Tuscarawas and the Tuscarawas County United Way. Tusky Valley is the only school in the county to sponsor their own event. Click here to see pictures from the day!

TVHS Alum Invited to NFL Camp!
Congratulations to 2004 TVHS graduate Tyler Booth on being invited to the Green Bay Packers rookie camp this weekend. Booth was a 2004 Special Mention All-Ohio selection at Tusky Valley and qualified for the 2004 state wrestling tournament. Booth then attended Youngstown State University where he started 34 games in his Penguin career including all 26 during his junior and senior seasons. Good Luck Tyler!

2009 TVHS Prom Held on April 24th!
The 2009 Tusky Valley High School Prom was held on Friday, April 24th at 7:00 PM at the McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton. Breathalyzers were administered prior to entering the Prom. . Post Prom was held in the TVHS gymnasium from complete with games, food, t-shirts, entertainment and prizes will be available. Ashley Logan was named the 2009 Prom Queen and Neil Soehnlen was named the Prom King!
2009 TVHS Prom Court

TVHS Alum Invited to NFL Camp!
Congratulations to 2004 TVHS graduate Tyler Booth on being invited to the Green Bay Packers rookie camp this weekend. Booth was a 2004 Special Mention All-Ohio selection at Tusky Valley and qualified for the 2004 state wrestling tournament. Booth then attended Youngstown State University where he started 34 games in his Penguin career including all 26 during his junior and senior seasons. Good Luck Tyler!

TVHS Students Learn About the "Sober Truth"
Students at Tusky Valley High School had an assembly on Tuesday, April 21st. Dr. Kubina, an emergency room doctor from Union Hospital, talked to students about the difference between use and abuse of pharmaceuticals and poisonings from over-the-counter medications. The students also listened to Steve Vasello, an agent from the Ohio Investigative Unit, discuss underage drinking and the consequences of driving a vehicle while impaired.

PTO Holds Spring Carnival!
The Tusky Valley PTO Spring Carnival held their Spring Carnival on Saturday, April 18th at Tusky Valley Intermediate School. There were games, food, cakewalks, raffles, gift cards (Toys R Us, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Giant Eagle, Game Stop, Regal Movies, Marc's Spa, gas cards, and a $50 cash) and much more. The PTO would like to thank all of the volunteers and everyone who turned out to make this a great event!

Gribble Inducted Into NTHS!
Congratulations to Tusky Valley junior Sam Gribble on his induction into the National Technical Honor Society. The NTHS is America's highest award for excellence in career and technical education. Gribble attends Buckeye Career Center and is part of the HVAC (home heating and cooling) program. He joins senior Lindsey Thompson (accounting) who was inducted in 2008.

Mark Scott Jr. Signs to Play Golf at Ashland!
Congratulations to TVHS senior Mark Scott Jr. on signing his letter of intent to play college golf at the Ashland University . Scott, who was the 2007 PAC Player of the Year and the 2008 District Champion, has also been awarded a $13,000 Presidential Scholarship based on his academic achievements. Scott is a 4-year letterwinner in golf, the senior class treasurer, president of the Interact Club, and a member of the National Honor Society.

Think First Visits TVHS Health Classes

Think First is a national program developed by America’s Neurosurgeons.  Each year an estimated 500,000 persons sustain permanent brain and spinal cord injuries in the US.  Teens and young adults are at highest risk for these devastating injuries.  Think First stresses the importance of making safe choices. The message is that you can have a fun-filled, exciting life, without hurting yourself if you "Think First." Use your mind to protect your body. The key component of the program is a young lady who has sustained a spinal cord injury telling how life has changed since her accident.

Curtis Love Named Head Football Coach!

Congratulations to TVHS teacher Curtis Love who was named the new head football coach at Monday night's Board of Education meeting. Love, who has served as the defensive coordinator for the past 8 seasons, replaces Dale Martini who retired at the end of the 2008 campaign. Love is a 1994 graduate of Indian Valley High School where he a was a 3-year letterwinner and a member of Indian Valley's 1993 PAC Champions. Love then played linebacker at Mount Union College and helped the Purple Raiders capture the 1996 Division III national championship. After graduating from Mount Union, Love began his teaching and coaching career at Indian Valley. In 2001, he was hired as the defensive coordinator and World Studies teacher at Tusky Valley. He becomes the 10th head coach in school history.

Statement from TVLSD Superintendent Mark Murphy:

Curtis is a well-respected teacher here at TVHS and has extensive experience as an assistant coach and defensive coordinator.  What impresses me most is how Curtis will carry the strong Trojan tradition developed by Coach Martini of expecting our students to show CLASS in all circumstances, along with strong character, discipline, and integrity.  Mr. Love holds a three-way test for all students, for any circumstance or decision:  “Will it make me a better person?  Will it make me a better student?  Will it make me a better athlete?”  Mr. Love is passionate about doing his best for students—in the classroom and on the field.  He is energetic, enthusiastic, and committed to our district!  I look forward to Mr. Love’s leading our football program into the future!

TVTA, OAPSE Reach Contract Agreements!

The Tuscarawas Valley Board of Education ratified contract agreements with The Tusky Valley Teachers Association and OAPSE on Monday night. Both contracts call for a 0% raise for the 2009-2010 school year with no changes to insurance. Below are statements from Tuscarawas Valley Superintendent Mark Murphy, TVTA President Jim Lindon, and OAPSE #634 President Lou Wiles:

Mark Murphy, Superintendent Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools

I am appreciative of the Interest-Based Bargaining process and am impressed with how it encourages a high level of participation and collaboration of all members at the table.  I commend our staff for fully recognizing the financial constraints of our school district and our residents.  I believe the ratification of these negotiated agreements with the Tuscarawas Valley Teachers’ Association (TVTA) and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees #634 (OAPSE) reflects the work and commitment of all parties to do what is best for the strength of our school organization, and ultimately, what is best for the students and community we serve.

James A. Lindon, President TVTA

The Tuscarawas Valley Teachers’ Association was pleased to reach a contract settlement through Interest Based Bargaining with the Tuscarawas Valley Board of Education.  TVTA felt it was important to do what was in the best interest of the whole Tuscarawas Valley Community.  We are proud of what has been accomplished by the Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools, and we will continue to help Tuscarawas Valley grow and improve.

Lou Wiles, President OAPSE #634

This was OAPSE's first experience of using Interest Based Bargaining and we were very pleased to have reached contractual agreement with the Board of Education.  We were impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the IBB process and hope to use Interest Based Bargaining in future negotiations.  OAPSE Local 634 is proud to be part of Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools.  We look forward to continued open communication and cooperation with the Tuscarawas Valley Board of Education.

TVHS Drama Club Presents Where's Charley?

The TVHS Drama Club will be presented the musical Where's Charley? on April 16-18th at 7:30 PM in the TVHS Auditorium. Where's Charley? is set in the 1890's. Two gentlemen have arranged a luncheon with two young ladies. Charley's millionaire aunt is going to act as the chaperone for the young ladies, but when she does not arrive the gentlemen take matters into their own hands. Craziness ensues when Charley dresses up as his aunt in order to keep the ladies around. Where's Charley starred Jeff Reed as Charley Wykeham, Cody Close as Jack Chesney, Abby Kendle as Amy Spettigue, Chelsea Mayle as Kitty Verdun, Logan Harper as Mr. Spettigue, Patrick Dunn as Sir Francis Chesney, and Ashley Stonking as Donna Lucia D'alvadorez.

TVHS Foods Classes Create Annual Bunny Cakes
Most Realistic
Most Unique
International Food classes created the annual bunny cakes as part of their culinary experience.
The cakes were judged by the staff and enjoyed by everyone. Click on the pictures to see larger images.

Assistant Prosecutor Visits TVHS!

TVHS students attended an assembly on April 2nd that focused on the consequences of criminal actions for juveniles and adults. Tuscarawas County Assistant Prosecutor Amanda Miller was the guest speaker for the occasion. Miller focused on the topics of juvenile delinquency, possible outcomes of crimes committed by juveniles, the dangers of the Internet, and responsible cell phone practices as well as other topics.


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